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A new National Centre for Asia Capability to focus on improving the Asia skillset of Australia’s workforce will be co-hosted by the University of Melbourne and the University of New South Wales.

As the Ashes series gets underway next week, a pair of brothers from Australia have been exploring the physics behind the spin of a cricket ball.

Scientists have discovered the reasons behind the lifespan of some of the world’s iconic mountain ranges.

Human influences through global warming are likely to have played a role in Australia's recent “angry” hot summer, the hottest in Australia’s observational record, new research has found.

Neither side of federal politics has “managed Asia correctly” despite all the rhetoric in the past 12 months about the Asian Century and Henry White Paper.

A digital collection of endangered languages, co‐managed by the University of Melbourne, has been added to the UNESCO Australian Memory of the World collection to protect it for future generations. 

Transformations in the global economy and international political order, and the growth of international private finance for development, are increasingly raising questions about the purpose and future of aid from traditional donor countries like Australia.