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Researchers at the University of Melbourne have teamed up with the Sustainable Agriculture Fund (SAF) to tackle the challenges the Australian farming industry will face in maintaining productivity under a changing climate.

Professional women in their 30s are opting out of full-time work at an alarmingly high rate.

More than 70% of people find advertising ‘sinister’ and ‘deviant’ if they dislike the company and social media enhances those feelings, a University of Melbourne study has found. 

The evolution of bird bills is related to climate according to latest research by the University of Melbourne, Australia and Brock University, Canada.

Students from the Melbourne School of Design at the University of Melbourne are converting old shipping containers into new community centres for the Gudorrka Community and Knuckey’s Lagoon Community in the Northern Territory.  

Primary school children have increased confidence in cooking and gardening and a willingness to try new foods, a new report reveals.

Australia's leading research university, the University of Melbourne, highlights the relationship between animals and humans in its June edition of Voice newspaper.

Home owners with loans from finance companies that are not banks, credit unions or building societies are slugged with exit fees up to 350% higher than other home owners with loans, according to a new University of Melbourne study. 

For the first time, scientists have been able to observe matter falling into super massive black holes.

The mystery surrounding what happens when bubbles collide has finally been busted. And knowing how bubbles bounce apart and fuse together could improve the quality of ice-cream and champagne as well as increase efficiency in the mining industry.