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University of Melbourne Associate Professor of Media and Communications Ingrid Volkmer has been appointed to the prestigious International Panel on Social Progress.

Similar to the International Panel on Climate Change, this new panel will tackle global social challenges including inequality, the future of work, and global socio-economic governance. The panel is led by a council, which includes several Nobel Prize winners.

The panel, coordinated by Princeton University, will release a report in 2017 - "Rethinking Society for the 21st Century". Professor Volkmer will be lead author in the area of democracy and public spheres in a globalised context. The Panel on Social Progress approached Professor Volkmer based on her expertise in globalized political communication and her book, The Global Public Sphere, published by Polity (Cambridge, UK) in 2014. A London School of Economics academic review described the book as a "landmark work of scholarship for the age of communicative globalization".

The Panel's secretariat commented on Professor Volkmer's invitation: "Your academic stature and great competence on transnational public sphere and the media motivates our invitation, as we are trying to gather the highest level of experience for this project."

Volkmer said she was honoured to join the Panel. “This is an outstanding opportunity to contribute to policy-making on a global level,” she said.