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The National Director of World Vision Uganda, Rudo Kwaramba, will speak at the University of Melbourne next week.

University of Melbourne researchers have scooped the pool in the inaugural ARC Fellowships announced today.

Women wanting to birth their children at home and midwives in private practice have gained some breathing space from Health Minister Nicola Roxon, but the issue of control over birth will still be there in two years time, says gender studies researcher at the University of Melbourne, Dr Meredith Nash.

A world first trial of routine chlamydia testing, targeting all sexually active young people, will be undertaken in Australian general practice.

A natural birth experience, control of the environment and management of birth, and avoidance of medical technologies have been persistent themes in current research of women's views of home birth. Whatever women’s reasons for wanting to birth at home, the right to give birth in the place of one’s choice is fundamentally a feminist issue for Australian women.

Highlighting the uniqueness of the environment will be Vladimir Djurovic’s priority when he gives the latest Melbourne School of Design Dean’s Lecture on September 8.

Species living in restricted environments such as the tropics may lack adequate variation in their genes and be unable to adapt to climate change, according to a new study.

University of Melbourne Professor George Patton from the Centre for Adolescent Health at the Royal Children’s Hospital will present preliminary findings of research into adolescents and obesity at the Obesity Forum 2009 at Federation Square at 4pm today.

The University of Melbourne has topped Australian universities in a major international ranking of scientific papers.