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RoboCup Junior Robotics competition for schools
Friday 21 August, 2015 10.00am-3.00pm
Grand Buffet Hall in Union Building and Old Arts Hall in Old Arts, University of Melbourne

The robot revolution is here as young robot designers reveal their machines for the 2015 RoboCup Junior competition at the University of Melbourne.

The RoboCup Junior State Finals to be held today will have 500 students in close to 200 teams from 42 schools competing in Robot Soccer, Rescue and Dance.  

RoboCup Junior has been running for 16 years and in the past year the entry level has almost doubled.

The robots all operate autonomously, without any human intervention. This is the culmination of months of planning building and programming in the classroom.

Students not only learn how to build robots, but also need to work as a team making the most of the different skills available within the team. There are programmers, engineers, managers, dress designers, team PR and fundraising and even choreographers for the dancing robots.

Dr Denny Oetomo from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Melbourne School of Engineering said the RoboCup Junior competition, offers primary and secondary students an opportunity to create, design and develop robots.

“The competition not only allows students to demonstrate their engineering and mechatronics skills, but teaches them to work as a team,” he said.

“This year, teams have had the added advantage of being able to access new and emerging technologies such as 3D printers and laser cutters,” Dr Oetomo said.

A highlight of the tournament will be the Open League Soccer teams. Apart from their speed and accuracy to kick a goal from anywhere on the field, they been have built from the highest cutting edge technology available.

Students submit their plans to the 3D printer and in a matter of minutes their robot parts are created on the printer surface.

Winners will go to the national finals to represent Victoria in September. From here students can go to the RoboCup World Finals, or can qualify for the World Robot Olympiad.