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A mouse that operates with the blink of an eye, remote control breaks for a kids bike and a car that drives itself. These are a few of the final year projects on display at this year’s Endeavour Engineering Exhibition at the University of Melbourne.

University of Melbourne researchers have been awarded the most ARC Discovery grants – and the highest funding - nationally for funding starting in 2010. The multi-year grants were announced yesterday by Minister for Innovation, Industry Science and Research, Senator the Hon Kim Carr.

Universities need to start working with school students much earlier to attract higher numbers of people from under-represented backgrounds, a new study has found.

Predicting the time and location of a bushfire is set to become more accurate thanks to research carried out by a group of final year students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Equity and accessibility issues must always be addressed by Australian universities but they should not to restrict quality, says former Monash Vice-Chancellor Professor Richard Larkins.

The emergence of ‘hate crime’ as a socio-legal construct and its relationship to recent Australian incidents of violence against international students, particularly Indian students, will be the subject of the John Barry Memorial Lecture in Criminology at the University of Melbourne tonight, Wednesday 21 October at 6.30pm.

The University of Melbourne is to be honoured as the first Australian institution to be presented with the updated, Romanised edition of the Buddhist scriptural canon, or World Tipitaka, tomorrow, Wednesday 21 October.

Dr Angela Paladino from the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Economics and Commerce has been named as one of Australia’s top university teachers with the award of a national Teaching Excellence award from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.

Following is the transcript of the Janet, Lady Clarke Oration at the University of Melbourne, 13 October 2009
See a video of the Oration at:

The Prime Minister’s personal intervention to convince the Indonesian President to arrest and hold 260 Sri Lankans off Krakatoa Island this week smacks of the Howard administration’s program says the Dean of the Melbourne Law School, Professor James Hathaway.