The University of Melbourne’s in-house entrepreneur accelerator, the Melbourne Accelerator Program, (MAP) is headed to Silicon Valley! 

Six startup teams will meet with investors, channel partners and affiliates in various networks.  At the culmination of the trip, the teams will present at Google for the MAP Silicon Valley Demo Day.  

MAP was recently ranked among the top entrepreneurial programs in the world by the leading Swedish-based UBI Index.

MAP Manager Rohan Workman said throughout the year, teams have been making significant progress in developing products, acquiring customers and scaling their startups.

“Our students have had the opportunity to mingle and work with individuals from diverse backgrounds with complementary skill-sets, and with mentors who have shared their passion and skills. This is yet another opportunity for MAP startups to engage with leading figures from the global entrepreneurship community to accelerate their ventures,” he said.  

“Entrepreneurship increasingly matters in a world where innovation and creativity are desired qualities,” Mr Workman said.

The 2014 programs travelling to the US are:

Pathobin: a new system that digitises microscopic slides to improve patient diagnosis, cancer research and education and allows for crowd-sourced research

xLabs:  developers of the first eye-gaze tracking solution that works with an ordinary webcam, doesn’t restrict movement or need continuous recalibration

Brosa:  a product for helping industrial designers manufacture and sell unique homewares to consumers. Industrial designers turn their real life ideas into products and make money by selling to a community of homeware lovers
SCANN3D: provides a 3D visualisation service that pioneers the next generation of real estate marketing content

Financial Ask: helps consumers to make the correct financial decisions.  By connecting qualified advisors with consumers, it provides financial advice for those who could not afford it previously

Quanticare Technologies: builds healthcare solutions that enable data-driven clinical encounters through the development of novel monitoring and tracking technology.  Their first product is a sensor enabled walking frame that facilitates better mobility and prevents falls in the elderly.

Rohan Workman is available to speak about the MAP projects and the trip to the US. Contact him via email on:

MAP is part of the Carlton Connect Initiative at the University of Melbourne.  
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