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Below is a list of experts available to comment on the State and Federal budgets.

Taxation issues, economic forecasts, the return to budget balance and the carbon tax
Associate Professor Neville Norman
Department of Economics
T: 8344 5327
M: 0414 653 770

Taxation and welfare law

Associate Professor Miranda Stewart
Co-Director, Taxation Studies
Melbourne Law School
T: 83446544
M: 0423175883

Urban planning: cities, housing, urban growth boundaries
Dr Kate Shaw
ARC Post Doctoral Fellow
Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning
T: 8344 0086
M: 0419609469

Higher education and international education
Professor Simon Marginson
Chair of Higher Education, Centre for the Study of Higher Education
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
T: 8344 8060
M: 0403058687

Sustainable buildings and cities, water and energy use
Dr Dominique Hes
Lecturer, Sustainable Architecture
Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning
T: 8344 4230
M: 0425765688

Childcare and Early Childhood Education: Policy and Infrastructure
Professor Collette Tayler
Chair of Early Childhood Education and Care
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
T: 8344 0992
M: 0408 008 826

Disability support, community welfare and the social impacts of climate change
Dr Jeremy Moss
Director of Social Justice Initiative,
School of Philosophy, Anthropology and Social Enquiry
T: 9035 4194
M: 0425 753 124

Teacher education
Professor Field Rickards
Dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education
All contact via Katherine Smith
T: 8344 3845
M: 0427354717

Urban planning issues including disasters, urban design and planning governance 
 Dr Alan March
Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning
Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning
T: 8344 7077
M: To be advised

Medical research funding cuts
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor James McCluskey
Melbourne Research
All contact via Rebecca Scott
T: 8344 0181
M: 0417 164 791