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Open Day will be held from 10am to 4pm this Sunday, 20 August, 2017.

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This Sunday, visitors to the University of Melbourne will be able to eat a liquid nitrogen ice-cream as a robot pours their drink and a sensory lab measures their deliciousness response.

They can seize the unique opportunity to touch the tissue of a beating heart in an immersive virtual lab and see what effect it has, play in an augmented reality sand pit to discover how mountains and valleys are created and learn to perform CPR on a dog.

From racing cars, tornado machines, ancient artifacts and edible gardens, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in everything on offer at the University of Melbourne while learning about the Melbourne Model and how it is helping students make a real impact on the world.

Open Day is a chance for tens of thousands of aspiring students, families and the wider community to experience the University of Melbourne.

At the University of Melbourne, students undertake broad undergraduate degrees followed by graduate level studies for professional, accredited qualifications or research degrees.

University of Melbourne Vice Chancellor Glyn Davis said the Melbourne Model was in line with other top international universities and helped make graduates globally competitive.

“Our graduates who hold both undergraduate degrees and higher-level Masters or Doctorate degrees are well equipped for the changing world of work and stand out in the increasing competition for jobs,” Professor Davis said.

“Under the Melbourne Model, students also take breadth subjects, which expose them to studies outside their chosen discipline and allows them to work with their peers across the university.”

Professor Davis said the Melbourne Model connected students with the wider world through experiences such as internships, fieldwork, research projects and overseas study.

“The University of Melbourne has the highest course completion rates of any university in Australia,” he said.

“Our students study what they love, develop an adaptable skill set and create fulfilling connections with peers across a range of disciplines. Since we introduced the Model 10 years ago, we have produced a new generation of well-rounded, skilled and flexible graduates, making us the number one university of choice among Australian employers.”