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Dr Denis Dragovic from the University of Melbourne discusses recent developments with ISIS in light of the geopolitics of the region and their recruitment strategies.

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis speaks with Sky News about the Federal Government's deregulation bill.

Dr Scott Flower discusses the hostage stand-off in Sydney with Bloomberg's Rishaad Salamat on Asia Edge. 

In the last episode of Visions for 2014, we take a closer look at the University's newest building, the new home of the Melbourne School of Design, which officially opens this week after years of planning, an international design competition, and many stages of construction.  Sustainability is a key focus of the building, both in its construction and in its purpose, as a space to teach future architects. 
If you want to learn a new language, the common wisdom says the best way is by immersing yourself in it.  But how do you immerse yourself in a language that isn't spoken by a majority anywhere? And what do you do if most classes that are available to you are taught by non-native speakers?  That is the situation usually faced by students who want to learn Australian Sign Language, or Auslan.   With an increased demand for this kind of learning, Visions takes a closer look at the Auslan studies being offered to future teachers in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education in conjunction with Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE.  

India’s economic development represents a strategic partnership for Australia in the Indian Ocean region.