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Professor David Jamieson discusses Quantum Computing, the new frontier in computer design, with Science host, Dr Shane Huntington. Guest: Professor David Jamieson, Director of the Melbourne node of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computer Technology Topic: A Quantum Leap in Computing
Professor Nancy Millis and Professor John Langford discuss the need for radical changes in water management in Australia with Jacky Angus.Guests: Emeritus Professor Nancy Millis AC MBE, Microbiologist and pioneer in fermentation technology in Australia Professor John Langford AM, Director of the Melbourne Water Research CentreTopic: The need for radical changes in water management in Australia.
Professor Graham Brown discusses the resurgence of malaria, and the role of the Nossal Institute of Global Health in the war on malaria and other global health problems. Guest: Professor Graham Brown, Foundation Director of the Nossal Institute of Global HealthTopic: Malaria Resurgent
Professor Loane Skene and Professor Peter Rathjen discuss the debate on stem cell research with Jacky AngusGuests: Professor Loane Skene, President of the Academic Board of the University of Melbourne, a member of the Council of the University, and Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University. Professor Peter Rathjen, Dean of ScienceTopic: Stem Cell Research
Associate Professor Martin Sevior speaks with Jacky Angus and weighs up nuclear power in an energy-hungry and rapidly warming world. Guest: Assoicate Professor Martin Sevior, School of Physics.Topic: Nuclear power: Cure or Curse
Associate Professor Denise Grocke explores Music Therapy with host Jacky AngusGuest: Associate Professor Denise Grocke, Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Music and Head of Music Therapy.Topic: New Directions in Music Therapy
Professor Abdullah Saeed discusses contemporary Islam with Jacky Angus Guest: Professor Abdullah Saeed, Sultan of Oman Chair of Arab and Islamic Studies and Director of the Centre for the Study of Contemporary IslamTopic: Islam Today