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Assoc Prof John Polesel discusses the changing job markets in Australia and overseas brought about by the so-called "knowledge economy", its effect on young people, and the need to change perceptions about Vocation Education and Training.Guest: Assoc Prof John Polesel the Centre for Post-Compulsory Education and Lifelong Learning (CPELL)Topic: Post-compulsory Education for a Knowledge Economy
Prof Andrew Holmes of Bio21 Institute recounts how a poisonous South American frog inspired research into development of plastic solar cells.Guest: Professor Andrew Holmes from the Bio 21 InstituteTopic: How the poison arrow frog inspired research into plastic solar cells.
Assoc Prof John Fitzgerald and Dr Frances Bramwell discuss the myths and realities of the use of crystal methamphetamine, also known as "ice". Presented by Sian Prior.
Professor Tim Lindsey looks at attempts in Indonesia to introduce Sharia law, and its implications for the largest democracy in Southeast Asia. Prof Linsdsey talks about current Australia - Indonesia relations.Guest: Professor Tim Lindsey from the Asian Law Centre, and the Centre for the Study of Contemporary IslamTopic: Legislating Sharia in Indonesia
Dr Andrea Whittaker explores the phenomenon of medical tourism in Asia with Sian Prior. Dr Whittaker also talks about her research in illegal abortions in Thailand.Guest: Dr Andrea Whittaker from Asia InstituteTopic: Medical Tourism in Asia
Assoc Prof Phil Batterham and Prof Derek Russell describe how genetics, proteomics, chemistry and field work join forces in the war against the cotton bollworm - a 5 billion dollar pest that is the scourge of farmers from Australia to Africa.Guests: Associate Professor Phil Batterham Professor Derek RussellTopic: War Against the Cotton Bollworm
Professor Frank Caruso chats with Dr Shane Huntington about how advances in Nanotechnology enable delivery of therapeutic drugs in the human body with "pinpoint" accuracy.Guest: Professor Frank Caruso from the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering.Topic: Precision delivery of therapeutic drugs with Nanotechnology
Assoc Prof Erica Frydenberg and Dr Katrina McFerran discuss strategies to help teenagers cope with the stresses of adolescence.Guests: Associate Professor Erica Frydenberg Dr Katrina McFerranTopic: Coping Strategies for Adolescents
Dr Steven Holloway discusses research into canine DNA and its applications with Science Host, Dr Shane HuntingtonGuest: Dr Steven Holloway from the Faculty of Veterinary Science.Topic: Canine DNA research and its applications
Dr Paul Mees explores integrated public transport systems with Humanities host, Sian PriorGuest: Dr Paul Mees from the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.Topic: Public transport systems for dispersed cities