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The latest comprehensive analysis of national plans to address climate change after 2020 shows the world will not reach its target of keeping warming to below 2C off pre-industrial levels.

We are at a crucial time for Australia to demonstrate courageous leadership on climate change policy, University of Melbourne social and climate scientists warn. The researchers are urging Australian politicians to join the growing global momentum for decisive actions needed to avoid global warming of four degrees or more.

Efforts to reduce livestock methane emissions in Australia received a major boost with the launch of a new research cluster led by the University of Melbourne and drawing on expertise from five other Australian universities, researchers in Canada and the CSIRO’s Sustainable Agriculture Flagship.

Butterflies are emerging in spring over 10 days earlier than they did 65 years ago, a shift that has been linked to regional human-induced climate change in a University of Melbourne- led study. The work reveals for the first time, a causal link between increasing greenhouse gases, regional warming and the change in timing of a natural event.