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A new research training centre based in Victoria will develop artificial intelligence (AI) applications for medical technologies and train an expert workforce that will drive Australian innovation.

The Victorian Eco Innovation Lab (VEIL) has been invited by the World Mayors Summit and Siemens to take part in this year’s United Cities and Local Governments Congress.

Residences that generate power and purify grey water and farming fish and growing vegetables in a refurbished factory are two of the options being proposed in a new Victorian Eco-Innovation Labs (VEIL) plan to make Broadmeadows and other Melbourne suburbs ‘greener’ and healthier.

Leading construction expert Professor Paolo Tombesi will examine the dynamics of technical progress in construction, and consider the steering role public planning can play in a public lecture at the University of Melbourne on Tuesday.

The Traffic Director from the City of Copenhagen (Denmark), Niels Tørsløv will give a free public lecture tomorrow at the University of Melbourne on sustainable transport options for Melbourne.