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An ambitious experiment involving the use of mobile phones in a remote corner of Papua New Guinea, is about to be launched by researchers from the University of Melbourne. The project, led by Associate Professor Steven Bird of the Department of Computing and Information Systems, will travel to Papua New Guinea to investigate the preservation of indigenous languages.

Modern buildings are characterised by the use of glazed Multi-Skin Façade (MSF) that are aesthetically appealing; consider the re-development of the former CUB site, Swanston Street Melbourne. However, leading researchers in the School of Engineering, University of Melbourne have found that buildings with glazed façade systems could consume energy for heating and cooling up to 60-70% of operational costs. The challenge is to have energy efficient buildings that still look impressive.

Four University of Melbourne scientists have been recognised for their contribution to research with the presentation of the Victoria Prize and three Victoria Fellowships.

Will Australia ever take up water recycling and consider the idea of ‘Toilet to Tap’?