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A team of Victorian researchers has created an innovative platform that will allow people with diabetes and their carers to access high quality, trusted health information in their home via their television.

NAPLAN is having the unintended side-effect of narrowing teaching strategies and the curriculum, according to the first national study into its impact.

Uniform, responsibility and discipline can help young people develop important skills, new research has found. 

The Gonski recommendations need to be implemented now, or Australia risks perpetuating  educational disadvantage, according to a University of Melbourne expert.

Children should be taught coping skills the same way they are taught to hold a pen or ride a bike, according to experts from Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education.

JUNE 25th, 2012 — As the nation's political leaders gathered in Canberra to discuss education reform and the establishment of a National Disability Insurance Scheme, University of Melbourne public policy researcher Bronwyn Hinz (@BronwynHinz) spoke to ABC News 24 about the liklihood of consensus.

A group of 10 young Indigenous singers will celebrate NAIDOC Week by taking part in an intensive training program for classical vocal music at the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development at the University of Melbourne.

An 87 year-old former University of Melbourne education student has collected an award for academic excellence – 64 years after graduating.

Dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Professor Field Rickards, speaks with ABC News 24's Jane Hutcheon about the Grattan Institute report on East Asian schooling and the importance of teacher education.

Since the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme was introduced, urban trees have become valuable for their major role in reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, now a new course will train experts in managing urban forests facing environmental stresses, pests and diseases.