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Researchers at the University of Melbourne have collected critical insights into wildlife species’ survival that could help future conservation efforts globally.

Human influences through global warming are likely to have played a role in Australia's recent “angry” hot summer, the hottest in Australia’s observational record, new research has found.

Agriculture and policy experts will gather on June 3 to explore research directions that will ensure profitable farming in Australia in a period of great change and opportunity.

Australian scientists have narrowed the predicted range of global warming through groundbreaking new research.

The first continental-scale reconstruction of temperatures over the past 2000 years has found 20th Century warming was a global event that has produced the hottest global average temperature in 1400 years.

We are at a crucial time for Australia to demonstrate courageous leadership on climate change policy, University of Melbourne social and climate scientists warn. The researchers are urging Australian politicians to join the growing global momentum for decisive actions needed to avoid global warming of four degrees or more.

The University of Melbourne and the Lord Mayor of Melbourne today launched Australia's largest green roof research and outreach project at the University's Burnley Campus near Richmond.

Researchers have shown that part of Australia’s rich plant diversity was wiped out by the ice ages, proving that extinction, instead of evolution, influences biodiversity.

An international study has predicted that the size and weight of shellfish and other marine animals will decline due to ocean acidity largely caused by burning of fossil fuels.