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A radical new process that allows hydrogen to be efficiently sourced from liquid formic acid could be one step forward in making the dream of hydrogen-powered cars an economic reality.

Human gut bacteria that feast on the yeast contained in fermented foods like bread and beer provides clues to new treatments for people suffering from bowel diseases. 

Professor Andrew Holmes, a pioneer in organic electronics, has today become the Australian Academy of Science’s new President.

Internationally recognised chemist Professor Andrew Holmes has been awarded the 2012 Royal Medal – the only Australian in 10 years to receive the award.

The Australian Academy of Science has honoured two University of Melbourne researchers with election to the Academy for their internationally significant achievements.

Nuclear scientists using frogs in a battle against superbugs might sound like some kind of 1980s computer game – but it’s actually scientific research underway right now. 

VCE Chemistry students from all over Victoria will get hands-on practice with state of the art, multimillion dollar equipment measuring food nutritional content such as caffeine in cola drinks, salt in soy sauce and sugar in energy drinks during a new University of Melbourne program.

Four University of Melbourne scientists have been recognised for their contribution to research with the presentation of the Victoria Prize and three Victoria Fellowships.