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The University of Melbourne Veterinary clinic is calling for dogs that have drug resistant epilepsy for a new treatment trial. 

Racehorse welfare is set to improve with the announcement of new funding to the University of Melbourne to reduce the frequency of joint injuries.

Microsoft and the University of Melbourne are partnering with the State Government of Victoria to open a major research centre dedicated to new social interactive technologies

As the Burnley Gardens turn 150, the University of Melbourne, School of Land and Environment has launched a new Associate Degree in Urban Horticulture, which will start taking enrolments in the first semester of 2014.

A new X-ray laboratory at the University of Melbourne houses the most powerful X-ray machine in Australia.

A new multimillion-dollar scholarship program will be launched in India today to provide the next generation of researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs in Melbourne and India with world-leading academic supervision and support. 

The University of Melbourne has received $51.4 million to advance research and new ideas in projects ranging from indigenous language to understanding retinal disorders and to using bio-fuel resources to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Pet owner need to be alert as the weather gets warmer, veterinary staff at University of Melbourne warn.

Global research opportunities will be available to the next generation of climate change and energy experts to tackle major environmental issues, with the launch today of a new graduate research college in Melbourne.

Supermassive black holes: every large galaxy’s got one but how did they grow so big?