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The teaching program of the University of Melbourne’s Office for Environmental Programs has been announced as a finalist in the Tertiary Education category of the 2010 Premier’s Sustainability Awards, and is in the running for the coveted Premier’s Recognition Award.

University of Melbourne vets are warning that owners with unvaccinated dogs or dogs with uncertain vaccination histories should visit their local clinic immediately to protect their pets against the potentially deadly Canine Parvovirus. Melbourne veterinary clinics have seen a sharp rise in cases of Canine Parvovirus, a severe gastrointestinal infection which can be fatal for small and elderly dogs.

The groundbreaking book ‘Worlds in Transition’, which explores democratic decision-making from local to planetary scale, will be launched at the University of Melbourne today. Co-authors Professor Jim Falk from the University of Melbourne and Professor Joseph Camilleri, from La Trobe University, have been praised for their work, providing ‘insights into the perils of our era’ and ‘issuing a clarion call for a system of multi-tiered governance to address them.’

The University of Melbourne has played a key role in dating a new species of human fossil found in South Africa.

Key contributors to climate change policy making in Australia will reflect on their experiences and point to the lessons that can be learnt at a forum at the University of Melbourne on Tuesday 30 March.

Internationally recognised computational scientist Professor Peter R Taylor has been appointed as the Director of the University of Melbourne led Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI).

Butterflies are emerging in spring over 10 days earlier than they did 65 years ago, a shift that has been linked to regional human-induced climate change in a University of Melbourne- led study. The work reveals for the first time, a causal link between increasing greenhouse gases, regional warming and the change in timing of a natural event.

Dwindling resources and radical environmental change is putting access to essential services like food and water at risk, according to the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (VEIL).

The University of Melbourne’s Department of Forest and Ecosystem Science has recently welcomed their new Head of Department, Associate Professor Gerd Bossinger, a leading expert in tree genetics, to be based at the Creswick campus. The department is Australia’s largest combined research, development and education provider dedicated to forests, forest products and forested landscapes, and is based in the Melbourne School of Land and Environment.

Electricity providers and governments need to do more to change how people think if more people are to take up green electricity, according to a new study.