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The 2013 Victoria Prizes for Science and Innovation have been awarded to University of Melbourne Physicist Professor Lloyd Hollenberg (Physical Sciences) and Professor Alan Cowman (Life Sciences) from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and the University of Melbourne's Department of Medical Biology.

As the hay fever season officially kicks off today, allergy and botany experts have expressed their support for a national pollen count to better treat people with hay fever around Australia.

How zoo animals respond to the presence of visitors has won the University of Melbourne 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition Grand Final.

A new exhibition at the University of Melbourne will explore the heartfelt and complex relationship we have with animals.  

Researchers at the University of Melbourne have collected critical insights into wildlife species’ survival that could help future conservation efforts globally.

Associate Professor Tilman Ruff of the Nossal Institute for Global Health discusses the current Fukushima situation.

New research has linked deformed insects to pesticide pollution from intensive tobacco cultivation around the Oven’s River in Victoria, and found once the industry ceased operating the river's health improved.

A University of Melbourne research team has been awarded a USAID grant for their work addressing pneumonia in Papua New Guinea.

Scientists have worked with farmers to predict and prevent the devastating blackleg fungal disease in canola crops, saving at least $18M.