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Hearing-impaired children fitted with a second cochlear implant (CI) early in life, have significantly better outcomes in aspects of their communication and learning.

Professor Marcia Langton is among the leading Indigenous scholars, artists, politicians and sporting personalities to pay tribute to the life and achievements of the late Gavin Jones.

Short-term medical placements in the bush can transform metropolitan medical student attitudes towards rural medical careers, a University of Melbourne study has found.

Scientists have sequenced the genome and characterised the genes of the Asian liver fluke, Opisthorchis viverrini.  This parasite causes diseases that affect millions of people in Asia and is associated with a fatal bile duct cancer. 

An exhibition of artworks, manuscripts, and other material from private collections and public archives explores the history of AIDS as seen in Melbourne.

Children of same-sex attracted parents have above average health and wellbeing, according to groundbreaking University of Melbourne research published in the journal BMC Public Health.

Melbourne Football Club will continue its work with eye experts at the University of Melbourne in the Northern Territory this weekend, spreading the ‘clean faces, strong eyes’ anti-trachoma message in Indigenous communities.

Information generated by several new technologies will soon help researchers and clinicians match the right treatments with individual patients’ diseases.

Tolerance for female genital cutting (FGC) has decreased significantly among members of Melbourne East-African communities for whom the practice was culturally traditional, a new study from the University of Melbourne has found.

A University of Melbourne survey funded by VicHealth has found one in five primary and high school students said they were daily targets of racism at school.