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Why are Australian citizens charged with committing crimes in Asia often portrayed as the victims of an unjust process?

Dr Mike Pottenger says we can never be sure whether drug imports are increasing or whether we are getting better at intercepting them.

Indonesian authorities have struggled to prosecute people smuggling kingpins despite increasing the number of people prosecuted, a University of Melbourne study has found.

A case study presented by health and legal experts from the University of Melbourne and University of Tasmania revealed an example of life insurance companies discriminating due to genetic test results for cancer pre-disposition.

The first comprehensive Australian academic legal blog dedicated to the proceedings of Australia’s High Court, Opinions On High – High Court Blog, has been launched at the University of Melbourne.

Debate over whether there needs to be a code of conduct to regulate dealings between grocery retailers and suppliers will receive fresh impetus in a major public symposium in Melbourne this Thursday.

Dr Mark McMillan,a Senior Lecturer in Melbourne Law School, has been named Scholar of the Year at this year’s National NAIDOC awards.

The University of Melbourne will play an even greater role in the creation of real world solutions to the big challenges of our time, with the launch of the new Melbourne School of Government.

Neither side of federal politics has “managed Asia correctly” despite all the rhetoric in the past 12 months about the Asian Century and Henry White Paper.