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University of Melbourne researchers have developed an efficient system to coat tiny objects, such as bacterial cells, with thin films that assemble themselves which could have important implications for drug delivery as well as biomedical and environmental applications.

A search engine for finding bargains, wheelchair mounted robot arms for people with quadriplegia and an electronic portable device that allows easy matching of paint colours, are just some of the projects that are being translated from ideas to reality through a new entrepreneurial program at the University of Melbourne.

University of Melbourne researchers have been awarded $14.1 million to assist with a range of projects in collaboration with industry partners. These range from next generation technologies to monitor microorganisms in Melbourne’s water catchments, developing interventions for family violence and improving cochlear implants.

A University of Melbourne taught program will give policy makers in Indonesia a greater understanding of the skills and research required for successful Public Private Partnerships (PPP) management within Indonesia. 

Water efficiency, food security and environmental sustainability will be the focus of a new joint research centre between Australia and China, officially launched in Beijing today.

The dairy manufacturing industry and the food industry will be the focus of targeted new research hubs aimed at resolving some of the challenges facing industrial economies.

A new project coordinated by the University of Melbourne and funded by the State Government will transform the delivery of dental education in Victoria.