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NAPLAN is having the unintended side-effect of narrowing teaching strategies and the curriculum, according to the first national study into its impact.

Belief in the centrality of education to national prosperity - shared by both former Australian Prime Ministers Menzies and Whitlam - “resonates today with the charter of every Australian university”, according to University of Western Sydney Vice-Chancellor Janice Reid.

Cuts to University research funding, announced this week by the Federal Government will impact on Australia’s research competitiveness and ability to help the community address major social ills and will undermine the gains made in international rankings, University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis has warned.

Uniform, responsibility and discipline can help young people develop important skills, new research has found. 

The Gonski recommendations need to be implemented now, or Australia risks perpetuating  educational disadvantage, according to a University of Melbourne expert.

Children should be taught coping skills the same way they are taught to hold a pen or ride a bike, according to experts from Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education.

Former Federal MP and celebrated journalist, Maxine McKew, has been appointed a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

Professor Leo Goedegebuure has been appointed as the new head of Australia’s peak tertiary leadership body, based at the University of Melbourne.

Australia’s ranks of classically trained Indigenous singers will grow substantially this week, with the graduation of three Aboriginal men from the University of Melbourne’s Victorian College of the Arts.

An 87 year-old former University of Melbourne education student has collected an award for academic excellence – 64 years after graduating.