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China is unlikely to ever adopt a Western-style democracy because the West is "no longer suitable" for the modern age, University of Melbourne research has concluded.

A failure of business leadership is acting as a drag on workplace innovation and business profitability, a comprehensive study of Australian industry has determined.

Professor Marcia Langton says while Native Title agreements have created wealth for Aboriginal communities, government restrictions on trust-funds are holding back Aboriginal business enterprise and the associated long-term benefits for communities.

Students hoping to be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg will pitch their start-up business ideas to a panel of would-be investors this month.

Dr Mike Pottenger says we can never be sure whether drug imports are increasing or whether we are getting better at intercepting them.

Australia’s existing economic policy settings and our politicians' obsession with returning the country to surplus are sending mixed signals, a University of Melbourne study has found.

Economists at the University of Melbourne have warned Australia is just one economic downturn away from a disability benefit blowout.

Greater effort must be put into differentiating high-quality evidence from substandard evidence when evaluating public policy in Australia, according to new research by the University of Melbourne.