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Former senior diplomat, Ian Wilcock, has been appointed Chair of the Advisory Board of the Faculty of the VCA and Music (VCAM) on behalf of the Council of the University of Melbourne. He will take up the role from 1 March 2010.

Australia's current level of aid is below the average for developed nations, and "not something to be proud of" according to philosopher, ethicist and Melbourne academic Professor Peter Singer.

The Federal Government’s new ‘smart meter’ rollout for energy use could hit the least advantaged Australian households hard, according to new research from the University of Melbourne.

It’s the oldest print medium of all, but the book has shown its staying power, say researchers at the University of Melbourne.

Eight University of Melbourne students will be part of history this month as they take part in a global debate around the COP15 United Nations Climate Change conference in Copenhagen.

A significant shift in the ETS debate will result from this week's Federal Opposition leadership spill, says University of Melbourne's Dr Les Coleman
 "The major issue to come out of Abbott 's  leadership is the fact that all bets are off now. Where there was consensus before about the ETS as being a good way forward, I think it will go right back to basics now and that there will be a complete reassesment of it."

"Whatever Abbott does in terms of his policies, I think it will open up this debate and allow a lot more opportunity to look for better and more productive solutions to climate change."

Dr Coleman says it's a shame that the Liberal leadership spill has further politicised an already confused debate.

"We really need to bring about behavioural change but we seem to have gone the other way to politicise it.  We've got discussions happening amongst diplomats and their track record in achieving change isn't very strong - look at the World Trade agreement which has taken decades to resolve."

"So it seems a great pity to me that the whole issue has become so politicised and we've lost sight of the need to get tangible behavioural change by consumers of energy and we need to implement a simple basic scheme."

Most childhood memories are captured through family photos and retold through stories around the dinner table, but for thousands of young Australians who experienced institutionalised ‘care’, this part of their history has remained a mystery– until now.

Contemporary Australian novelists have fully embraced the era of globalisation and transnationalism, meaning the idea of the ‘Great Australian Novel’ is almost impossible, and not necessarily desirable, according to University of Melbourne Professor of literature Ken Gelder.

The State Government will need to rethink its policy on meeting urban demand as the city reaches five million people, urban management expert Professor Nicholas Low warns.

Leading University of Melbourne climate change expert Professor David Karoly has warned there is only a short window of opportunity  to take action on climate change, and seize the opportunities to provide a safe future for society and has challenged our leaders rise to put aside politics for good government.