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The Victorian College of the Arts will this Friday launch a new music theatre project A Little Touch of Chaos.

An exhibition of artworks, manuscripts, and other material from private collections and public archives explores the history of AIDS as seen in Melbourne.

This episode explores the changing way Australian women's magazines portray lesbian issues.New research argues lesbianism is now more common in these magazines, but lesbian sexuality is often trivialised and portrayed as a type of self-objectification designed to garner male attention.  

David Malet discusses the role of social media for terror groups and how they use it to recruit members and raise money with Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.”

Australia's largest household survey has revealed that retirees are dependent on government benefits, men are doing dramatically less housework than women and that 'female breadwinners' are on the rise.

Australian workplaces and households have changed dramatically over the past decade. This episode of VISIONS looks at the latest data from Australia's largest nationally representative survey, HILDA. Since 2001 economists from the Melbourne Institute have collected data from the same group of several thousands Australians to develop a 'moving picture' of how their lives are changing. Read more here.

Melbourne workers won Saturday afternoons off in the 1860's, and without that, AFL probably wouldn't be the city's dominant code today.

As debate rages in Australia about the treatment of asylum seekers, Melbourne researchers are tracking the history of intolerance and exclusion right back to 16th century Europe.

A recent mass-shooting in California will do little to help the cause of American's calling for greater gun control, Dr Nick Sharman told Sky News.

European residents have a general 'lack of confidence' in the EU to provide solutions, said Prof Philomena Murray on SBS News this week.

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