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The Melbourne School of Design is running a competition that could help transform the humble re-locatable or ‘portable’ classroom into an interactive learning space for 21st century learning. 

University of Melbourne students will be investigating how cities can be more gender ‘inclusive’ this week, as part of a travelling design studio to Montreal, Canada.

University of Melbourne students will gain valuable experience in urban design, planning and architecture as part of a unique travelling design studio to the Central Pacific island of Kiribati.

 Masters students from the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning will work with the Gumala Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) to build an early childhood learning centre in the Pilbara region of Western Australia this month.

Houses on Melbourne’s suburban fringe are responsible for drastically higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions compared to higher density housing or apartments in the inner city according to a new University of Melbourne study.

There is plenty of room for improvement if Chinese cities wish to become ‘low-carbon’, according to visiting University of Melbourne academic Mark Wang.

University of Melbourne lecturer Dr Marcus White has been named the inaugural National Emerging Architect of the Year at the Australian Achievement in Architecture Awards ceremony, run by the Australian Institute of Architects.

University of Melbourne students are showcasing their vision of what it means to be Aboriginal in an urban environment as part of the Inaugural Hon. Evan Walker Design Studio Exhibition.

Michael Trudgeon, the Deputy Director of the Victorian Eco Innovation Lab (VEIL), discusses the Melbourne 2032 project, where university students and design professionals examined just how the city would look in 20 years.

You can watch all the videos produced by the students for the Melbourne 2032 project here:

Moe information about the project is also available at