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Australia can forget compact, productive, equitable and fair cities until the Commonwealth fixes the major incentives given to households to divert savings into owner occupied housing, the University of Melbourne’s Chair of Urban Planning Professor Richard Tomlinson has warned.  

A University of Melbourne exhibition will celebrate 20 years of architecture in the city.

A new research and discussion website curated by University of Melbourne researchers will spur national debate about women in architecture and gender equality in the workplace.

University of Melbourne students and members of the Pilbara region’s Indigenous community will celebrate the opening of the community hall they designed and built together today.

An exhibition which sees local architects turn their offices into art opens this week at the University’s Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP).

One of Australia’s leading architects, Donald L. Bates, has been appointed Chair of Architectural Design at the University of Melbourne.

The future of design education will be on display from next week, with designs for the new Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning on showcase for the first time.

New research launched by the University of Melbourne and the City of Melbourne will give buildings owners across Melbourne access to information that can help their buildings absorb less heat and stay cooler during hot days. 

Architecture graduate Angela Darby from the University of Melbourne has a passion for sustainability and design and hopes to bring these two disciplines together through her studies at Oxford University.

Two postgraduate students from the Melbourne School of design were awarded prestigious awards by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). The awards commend the students’ contribution to Indigenous housing and the role of architects in increasing the quality of life in developing nations.