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For the first time, scientists have been able to observe matter falling into super massive black holes.

The mystery surrounding what happens when bubbles collide has finally been busted. And knowing how bubbles bounce apart and fuse together could improve the quality of ice-cream and champagne as well as increase efficiency in the mining industry.

An international workshop to reconstruct climate change history in the Australasian region is being held this week at the University of Melbourne on Monday 31 May to Wednesday 2 June 2010

New calculations reveal that the number of species on Earth is likely to be in the order of several million rather than 10’s of millions. The findings, from a University of Melbourne-led study, are based on a new method of estimating tropical insect species—the largest and one of the most difficult groups on the planet to study—having significant implications for conservation efforts.

Several survivors of the Holocaust now living in Melbourne, have met with director Harald Fuhrmann and student actors currently cast in the play Ghetto by Israeli writer Joshua Sobol, to explore the legacy of the Holocaust, and the story of the infamous Vilna Ghetto.

More than 2,500 three year-olds attending over 250 education and care services in Victoria and Queensland are now part of Australia’s largest ever early childhood education study.

Recently, The Age reported in ‘DNA first gives hope on genetic diseases’ (see here)that research by Newcastle University in the UK had shown that embryos created with two mothers may offer a breakthrough that could eradicate a host of hereditary diseases.

Professor Gerry Simpson is the Director of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Military Law at the Melbourne Law School, and is a Professor of Public International Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science.  In this piece, he analyses how the 2010 British Election could unfold.You can read more about Professor Simpson at

The University of Melbourne today received the report of the intensive five-month stakeholder consultation on the future of its Faculty of the VCA and Music.

A new resource to address the "unacceptable levels" of prejudice against Muslims by Australian secondary school students has been designed by experts at the University of Melbourne.